Best things to eat in Texas

Best things to eat in Texas

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Best things to eat in Texas

When it comes to Texas cuisine, be ready to find a lot of foreign influences such as Germanic, British, Mexican, Asian, Native American and African American. All these cultures blended together along the years into a wide variety of foods that you should definitely enjoy while you are in Texas.


Tex-Mex is the part of Texas cuisine strongly influenced by the Mexican culture but keeping the cooking style and methods of Texans, especially those that have European roots. The main difference between Tex-Mex and pure Mexican food is the fact that in this cooking style are used less spices which makes the food not as piquant as original Mexican dishes.

When you are planning to enjoy a Tex-Mex cuisine, you can choose dishes as different guacamole dips, salsa, tostadas, tortilla soup, chile con queso and many other delicious foods. As for breakfast menus, you will find scrambled eggs with tortilla tacos, eggs with sausage and different types of empanadas.

Texas Barbecue

When it comes to enjoying a good barbecue, Texas is the place to go to. If in other parts of America the main meat used for barbecue is pork, in Texas you will be able to enjoy a delicious beef barbecue dish. Beef brisket is extremely popular and it is made by cooking the meat slowly in a wood fired pit.

Ribs as well as different types of sausages usually are cooked with the barbecue as well. When you have barbecue in Texas, it will come with bread, delicious sauces, pickles or different salads.

Taste the original American hamburger!

The hamburgers became famous worldwide and everyone associates them with the United States of America. But before anyone else claimed this delicious food, Fletcher Davis from Athens, Texas did. He served hamburgers at his restaurant in 1880 and they were made of a ground beef patties, onion and mustard between two pieces of bread.

These burgers were served with a side of pickles and they gained a lot of popularity quick. The story says that Davis used to joke that he is serving hamburgers because in Texas there were more cows than people.

Southern influences

Immigants from the South regions of America brought a variety of dishes to the Texas cuisine starting with the year 1830. Among these dishes there are pan fried chicken, field peas and mashed potatos or corn bread.

Nowadays, these foods might be cooked slightly different than they were in the 19th century but the taste remaine as delicious as the original recipes and you should definitely try them.

Texas is a rich and cultural American state and its cuisine is nothing less than that. With so many influences present in the same state, you can count on the fact that you will not be disappointed by any of these foods.

As a matter of fact, Texas cuisine is considered to be one of the best cuisines in all America and there’s no wonder for it. So, be ready to spoil yourself with some of these dishes and taste a bit of Texas’s history.