Best things to eat in Pennsylvania

Best things to eat in Pennsylvania

August 16, 2018 Off By Big Red Mug

The state of Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful states in America and there is definitely a great place to enjoy different types of food as well. The cuisine of Pennsylvania includes a wide range of dishes meant to spoil your taste buds with every meal.

An interesting fact about this state is that you can find delicious Dutch dishes that make Pennsylvania the place where Dutch food is most loved! As a matter of fact, there is a special area of the state where Dutch food is the main type of food consumed.

Best things to eat in Pennsylvania

In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Dutch food is considered the best type of food and if you are familiar with the main Dutch dishes, this will not amaze you too much! This county is also called Pennsylvnia Dutch. Here, as well as in the rest of the state, you can find a wide variety of soups.

They have soups based on all types of meat as well as all types of veggies and they contain egg noodles as well. The soups in this area are of such a big variety that there are special cookbooks only about types of soup in Pennsylvania Dutch.

Other specialities that are specific to Pennsylvania are the Amish potato salad, the apple butter as well as the baked apple, Bova Shankel, Brown butter noodles, hot bacon dressing and chicken and waffles.

Besides these most popular dishes, there are plenty of others to choose from, one more delicious than another!

The desserts are not less tasty either and they also come in plenty of options. The most appreciated one is the angel food cake. This is a sponge cake that contains egg whites and sugar mixed with flour and a tartar cream and all the tourists are impressed by this dish so you should definitely put it on your “to taste” list.

Besides this cake, you can also enjoy apple dumplings, fastnachts, funnel cake, shoofly pie, sugar cookies or a funny cake. The funny cake is a mix between a pie and a cake made by simply baking a cake in the crust of a pie. And if you are curios how it tastes, you will not be disappointed!

Most of these dishes come from the Dutch cuisine which means that they also have an European influence to them to begin with. Thanks to all this history, they taste very good and Americans adopted them as their own very fast.

Pennsylvania is one of those American states that will keep surprising you beyond your expectations. You will fall in love with its cuisine and discover interesting dishes in each city you visit.

But what is the most important is the fact that all these dishes that have their roots in the Dutch cuisine, were adapted to the American style and improved a lot in the past decades. Therefore, you will not only enjoy a good food but a unique one as well and you might even learn one or two recipes to cook yourself!