Best things to eat in North Carolina

Best things to eat in North Carolina

November 26, 2018 Off By Big Red Mug

Best things to eat in North Carolina

Since North Caroline is a state on the coast side of United States of America, its culture is strongly influenced by immigrants ans especially people who moved here from England. Recently, there have been plenty of Hispanic and New England immigrants that shaped the culture of this state in the most beneficial of ways. The cuisine that you can enjoy in North Caroline is just as diver and it might just surprise you with its delicious dishes.

When you are in North Carolina, you might want to try out some barbecue as locals are very fond of this type of food. Pork barbecue and bacon is one of the best meals you can have in North Carolina and it is served at most local restaurants thanks to its popularity. In the Eastern region of North Carolina, you will find a specific recipe of pork barbecue that is made with a special vinegar sauce and locals use both the white meat and the dark meat for this dish.

People from this area like pork barbecue so much that they even developed an yearly contest regarding pig cooking in North Carolina, named Newport Pig Pickin’. In the Western part of North Carolina, this barbecue is based on a tomato sauce and only the dark meat is used for the feast. Also, there’s the Lexington Barbecue festival that takes place every year and brings together over 100 thousands visitors in the months of October!

People in North Carolina also like biscuits very much and they developed highly inventive recipes when it comes to these types of foods. They offer biscuits in all shapes and sizes and with the most interesting ingredients that you can think of. Asheville can be successfully considered the capital of large biscuits as they have them made with ham, cheese or fried green tomatoes. These biscuits are also known as catheads and many just stop in this city just to get one as they are so popular for their delicious taste.

Other foods that you can try out on North Carolina include seafood dishes, the traditional American burgers and hot dogs as well as plenty of salads and stews. However, the barbecue and the biscuits remain the main ones that you simply shouldn’t miss out on because they are specific to this state. North Carolina is also known for its delicious desserts that complete a meal based on so many good dishes so if you like sweets, you will also find plenty of them in this traditional cuisine.

When you are looking for a great vacation time, North Carolina can be just the perfect destination for you and your loved ones. You will find a developed culture and a wide range of tasty food to go along with it that will spoil your taste buds every meal. Be open to try out new dishes and embrace the options that locals will introduce you to through their restaurant menus!