Best things to eat in New York

Best things to eat in New York

October 10, 2018 Off By Big Red Mug

New York is such a complex state that it couldn’t have a less fascinating cuisine culture. While you are in New York, you will have the chance to try out a variety of dishes that will just spoil your taste buds.

his variety is given by all the different ethnicities that entered the state in the past decades and it might be hard to find one that is not well represented through a lot of stores and restaurants. And while these different cuisines blend in with each other in the entire state, the New York City remains the best place to find all you want in terms of foods.

In New York you can find everything from Italian food, Korean food, Chinese, Japanese and Turkish food as well as plenty of other cuisines from all over the world. As a matter of fact, the state of New York is the perfect mixture of different cultures that left their cuisine influences in the same place. And its diversity continues to grow each year as more and more immigrants establish themselves in New York and open restaurants.

The most popular foods in New York

Even if New York is the center of international food and the best dishes from all over the world, there are stillcertain dishes more popular and more representative for this state than others.

Hot dog is the first one that is considered to be a traditional food for New York and from here it became popular in many other countries. The hot dog recipe that is specific to New York is served with mustard, sweet relish, sauerkraut and onion sauce and it ends up being a delicious meal.

Another dish specific to this state is the New York pizza which is a delicious type of pizza sold in over sized slices to go. Lobster Newberg is a type of lobster dish specific to New York and therefore to the entire America. It is a lobster cooked with butter, cream, cognac, eggs and pepper.

This dish was created in New York by Ben Wenberg and it became popular very fast. A classic sandwich for New York is the one made of bacon, eggs and cheese all wrapped in a very tasty roll.

Besides these amazing dishes that reached the top of the popularity chart when it comes to the state of New York, there are plenty of those ethnic dishes that charmed the hearts of locals and tourists equally.

In such a state, food is a form of culture that is represented well enough to satisfy even the pickiest of tastes. You will simply have enough to choose from that you can just keep eating one new dish after another.

With thousands of grocery stores and restaurants New York is one of the most interesting places to be in during any time of the year. Plus, it is great for discovering new cultures as well and interacting with people from different countries that decided to make this state their home!