Best things to eat in Michigan

Best things to eat in Michigan

January 15, 2019 Off By Big Red Mug

Best things to eat in Michigan

If you are looking for an atypically type of cuisine, Michigan is going to satisfy that type of desire and impress you with plenty of unique and interesting dishes. Among other American states, in Michigan you will find foods that are specific to this area only and it will be hard to find them anywhere else. Even if some of these foods were adopted by other states over time, and even by other countries, the best way to enjoy them is by going to Michigan!

One of these specific dish is the pasty which was introduced into Michigan by the Cornish miners. A piece of uncooked meat is placed into a crusty dough and baked. This dish can be made with vegetables as well which makes it even more popular and it was first created in the United Kingdom. Many restaurants in Michigan will serve this food in plenty of varieties to choose from like chicken, pork, pizza, venison and different veggies.

Also, Finnish immigrants enriched the Michigan cuisine with nisu which is a cardamom bread known in Finland as pulla. This is a delicious baked loaf that can be served with a lot of toppings and can be not only very tasty but also very filling. They also brought pannukakku which is a different type of pancake with a custard flavour.

As far as fish dishes go, Michigan has a large menu to offer. Here you can eat dishes based on lake trout, whitefish and smelt and locals know very well how to make a tasty smoked fish that you shouldn’t miss!

But you can’t go to Michigan without trying out the Michigan salad, traditional to this state and extremely tasty. This is something that both locals and tourists love and it is not missing from the menu of any restaurant in the state. The Michigan salad is made of green salad with dried cherries, blue cheese and a special vinaigrette dressing that goes perfectly with it. It can be consumed as a side dish for barbecue or roast but also as an appetizer. This salad can also be made by replacing the dried cherries with cramberries and adding other fruits like apples and oranges. And to make it even more delicious, some restaurants will serve it with a topping of peanuts, walnuts or pecans.

While you find yourself in Michigan, it is a good idea to stick to these local foods that you can’t enjoy anywhere else because they are well worth it! Maple syrup is also very popular in this state and it is used as a topping for many desserts. And if you like jellies, you will fall in love with the Chokecherry jelly as well as the Thimbleberry jam. Michigan has the perfect type of food for any tourist and locals know how to offer it the right way to charm you from the very beginning! So get ready to enjoy some amazing dishes for your stay in this American state!