Best things to eat in Illinois

Best things to eat in Illinois

December 24, 2018 Off By Big Red Mug

Best things to eat in Illinois

Illinois is a very rich American state when it comes to the cuisine that is specific to it. Just like in other American states, Illinois has plenty of foreign influences that defined its traditional food over time and they keep doing so as immigrants settle in this part of the States. As a tourist or as a local, you will love the following dishes and you simply have to try them at least once. And don’t be surprised if you are not ure what restaurant to pick in order to find the best food because Illinois has so many of them that you might just end up with more than one favourite!

Italian Beef Sandwiches

The beef sandwiches made in an Italian style are extremely popular in Illinois because they have a delicious taste and they are easy to find. They frequently come with a topping of giardiniera which increases their flavour. However, different stores and restaurants offer these sandwiches in different forms which is why it will be hard to decide which one is better than other. But when you find yourself in Illinois, you definitely have to try one or even more of these delicious sandwiches!

Ranch dressing

This is not a dish by itself but it is definitely the most used dressing in Illinois. It is so common that it should be considered a national ingredient since locals put it on almost everything. They use it on fries, salads, steaks and many other foods. And there are several types of Ranch dressing in the stores which gives you plenty of options to choose from.

Deep dish pizza

Pizza, in all its forms is appreciated all over the United States of America but the deep dish pizza is specific to Illinois and you should try it out while you are in this state. This pizza is thicker than the regular size ones and it is stuffed with toppings and delicious sauces. It is traditional to Chicago but you can find it all over the state of Illinois.


Pierogies is a dish that became popular in Illinois thanks to the Eastern Europeans who came to Illinois and made it their home. These are little dumplings that contain either potatoes or cheese and even cream. And they taste very well which is why locals in Illinois adopted them very fast and incorporated them in their cuisine!

Illinois is influenced by so many different cultures that, just like in other parts of the country, its cuisine became a mixture of many dishes. Even if it might seem that each dish has its own story, in Illinois they blend in nicely and give an interesting personality to the entire state. Besides these specific dishes presented above, you will also find the American burgers and hot dogs as well as different types of barbecues that are popular all over the United States of America. And you will love every single food because they are cooked in a very inviting way!