Best things to eat in Georgia

Best things to eat in Georgia

September 27, 2018 Off By Big Red Mug

Georgia is based on the Southern culture of the United States of America and besides an incredible history, this state also has a very complex cuisine. Its culture is a successful and interesting blend of Irish, Africans and Native Americans.

In the 20th century, Georgia received many Latin American immigrants who also left a mark on the state’s culture and traditions. And even when it comes to foods, Georgia is still developing new dishes and adding new ingredients to their cuisine which can only make this state more fascinating.

Best things to eat in Georgia

While in Georgia, you will have the chance to try out very tasty dishes based on seafood and meat such at catfish stew, frogmore stew, shrimp and grits or oyster roast and even crab cake. The crab cake is famous all over the United States of America but it is even more popular in Georgia.

This dish it’s made of crab, bread crumbs, mustard eggs, mayonnaise and different seasonings to make it as delicious as possible. You can enjoy it at most local restaurants and most likely it will become one of your favourites.

Corn on the cob is one of the most appreciated snacks in Georgia and it can be served as an appetizer as well. Fried chicken as well as cornbread are also common dishes in Georgia that locals consume on a regular basis. The Brunswick stew is one of those traditional Georgian stews that you can eat every time you want something that tastes home cooked in the healthiest way. This stew is made of tomatoes, different types of beans and vegetables and meat along with tasty seasonings to add to its great flavour.

As for the barbecue, Georgia knows how to spoil its locals and tourists equally as well. While pork is the most common meat when it comes to enjoying a tasty barbecue in Georgia, almost any type of meat can find its spot on the grill. You will be able to find several barbecue festivals around the state and they take place every year which means that if you like barbecue, you will simply fall in love with Georgia! Since locals enjoy barbecue so much and almost with every occasion they get, this type of food was completely incorporated into the Georgian cuisine.

Other popular foods in Georgia are peanuts, in all their forms, pecans and as far as fruits go, peaches are the most consumed and appreciated ones. Tou will find these as ingredients in many local dishes and desserts as well and the tastes that you will discover might surprise you.

Such a rich state like Georgia has a lot to offer in all the aspects. But when it comes to good food, you might just be impressed of the variety you find here. Many of these traditional dishes became popular all over America and even all over the world thanks to the Georgian cuisine. So enjoy every meal while you spend time in Georgia and even get some recipes home with you!