Best things to eat in California

Best things to eat in California

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Best things to eat in California

California is a fascinating country that offers so much more to locals and tourists than an interesting history and beautiful landscapes. This American state has a delicious cuisine as well, that you shouldn’t miss out while you find yourself in any Californian city.

Southern California

Southern California was significantly influenced by Spanish roots remained from the colonization era. This is why in the cuisine of this region you will find a lot of restaurants serving Spanish food as well as Mexican food.

Taquerias Mexican food is very popular in these parts of California and you will find plenty of burritos, dishes based on different types of beans as well as tacos, nachos and quesadillas. You will be delighted to find even more traditional Mexican foods such as enchiladas or tamales.

Besides these dishes, Southern California is known as the home of international restaurants chains, famous all over the world. Among these you can expect to find plenty of McDonald’s restaurants, Original Tommy’s or Taco Bell.

Northern California

When it comes to Northern California, the fish industry remains one of the most important providers regarding local cuisine. Expect to encounter dishes that are based on Salmon, Dungeness crab and Sardines.

As for dishes, Cioppino is one of the signature dishes of Northern California’s cuisine. This is a fish stew that comes from San Francisco and it is strongly influenced by the Italian cuisine. This stew contains Dungeness crab, clams, squid, mussels, shrimp and scallops. These types of fish are cooked in a special wine sauce with tomatoes. And when you are in Northern California you simply have to give this fish stew a try because it is delicious!

Strong Asian influences throughout California state

Another interesting aspect of local cuisine in California is the Asian dishes that generated the love Americans have for sushi for instance. The Asian-American population in California is responsible for the mix of Asian dishes that can be found in restaurants.

In time, in California, there was developed a specific type of sushi, called California roll, that contains avocado as the most important ingredient.

Mochi ice cream, which is a Japanese type of ice cream made of pounded sticky rice and a delicious filling became very popular in California as well.

Other dishes that became specific to California over the past centuries

Among the best foods that you can eat in this American state, there is the famous California-style pizza which may contain different types of barbecue and uncooked ingredients.

Barbecue itself is a big part of Californian cuisine and it was introduced by Mexicans in the middle of the 19th century. Different meats are grilled, roasted or smoked and served with a lot of pleasure by locals and tourists equally.

As you can see, California has a rich cuisine with dishes for every taste so there is not a chance of not being able to find the food that you like. All you have to do is enjoy the spirit of the place and have a bite of the culture as it might just make you fall in love with it!